Touched by Angels

On Friday night I received something priceless – a gift so affecting and moving – something that no amount of money can ever buy. 

Unexpectedly, the doorbell rang at around 5-ish.  I was surprised when my care assistant said that it was my friend, Jabu Mhlongo.  He never visits unannounced.  Huh?

I could see that he was not alone.  Oh my God, I hope I have some lipstick on.

He smiled at me warmly from the doorway, raising his hand – half-waving-a-hello, half-gesturing-a-don’t-panic.  And then he stepped back as he allowed some smartly dressed strangers into my house.  There were many – um, more than twenty other people filed into my little lounge

I sat wide-eyed.  Mouth-open.  Astonished.  What the…

They smiled shyly but, confidently.  Nobody said a word.  There was a definite inexplicable energy pulsating through the room.  It was a-sort-of-anticipation or nervous-excitement.  I don’t know.  But, I could feel it.  Something’s gonna happen here…

My care assistants stood by protectively.

Before Jabu could step back inside to explain, the group broke into song.  There was no music accompaniment – just heavenly voices harmonizing – creating the sweetest sound you can ever imagine. Absolutely divine.

I was overcome by emotion.

The song was mournful, soulful and just so beautiful.  Although I couldn’t understand all the Zulu words, I knew they were praising God.  Jesu…Jesu.

I could hardly breathe.  My eyes filled with tears.  My soul shook with intensity.  It was totally overwhelming.

It was like they were literally reaching out, holding my heart, picking up my spirit and touching my soul. 

At that moment, I think, I could feel His presence.  For the first time.  Ever.  He was there.  In my lounge.  And it felt like He was touching me with His bare hands.  Really?  Oh my God.

Then they sang again.  This time in English.  Oh my God!

I sat there, gob-smacked.

Jabu pushed his way forward through all the bodies to tell me that he has brought me a gift – The Faith Sharers Choir to sing for me.

The choir has been together since they were kids in 1977.  Most of the members come from KwaZulu Natal.

They sang.  They prayed.  They spoke.  They shared.  They laughed.  Then, they sang again.  And again.  And again.

Their commitment to God, their love for one another, their joy for life, their genuine compassion for others and their need to make a real difference to this world is obvious in their bright eyes, sweet smiles and open hearts.  Their faith is huge, and unfaltering.  It puts me to shame.

For an hour, they serenaded – and entertained me.  They made me feel like the most important woman on the planet.  I don’t think the Queen could have demanded better.

It was the most rousing, stirring, goosebump stuff I have ever experienced.  I have never felt more alive – or special – in my entire life.

Dear God.  If you are there.  Thank you.

About Tracy Todd (Brave Lotus Flower)

Author of Brave Lotus Flower Rides the Dragon – an intimate and inspiring memoir of a quadriplegic. Inspirational Speaker. Teacher. Counsellor. Wife. Mother. Animal lover. Although I need a wheelchair to get around, it is most certainly not what defines me.
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25 Responses to Touched by Angels

  1. Bill Watson says:

    I’m so glad you go to experience this. I have been both witness and a part of choirs like this in Eswatini. It is a moving experience. Siyabonga Jesu Siyabonga Jesu wami

  2. Carl Muller says:

    Thanks for your posts. I love them. When we visit Nelspruit I will come and drink some coffee.

  3. Kim Fitt says:

    Hi Trace What a beautiful experience. So special. Love you, Kim

  4. Gavin Cocks says:

    WOW another special moment

  5. Moonyeen says:

    Hi Tracy, I needed that story today thanks! Here is something for all of us. Not my words, but it is starting to grow in me… still needs nurturing everyday and lots of wrestling with. “When God solve your problems, you have faith in his abilities, when God does not solve your problems He has faith in your abilities” You have a wonderful Christmas and if ever you want to show us how to holiday, Kiama in Oz is the place for you. You go girl!

  6. Anne Pratt says:

    I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. What an awesom, uplifting experience. There are truly angels walking amongst us.

  7. PennyB says:

    I love these “feel good” stories from S.A. as there is far too many ugly stuff emanating from that beautiful land. I have been away nearly ten months and return in January and am feel really apprehensive but this little story reminds me of all the many wonderful people living there. Thank you Jabu and Thank you Tracy. You certainly were Queen for the day!

  8. Dolores says:

    Tracy darling, one cannot imagine just what flowed through your body and mind, but how wonderful to think that you are so appreciated and loved by all in society. I truly think your God is there and yes, He can hear you..your bravery, courage and determination to overcome what you have suffered, is shining through and now you are being repaid in kindness. Such a pity it could not have all been recorded on camera…. All my love, Aunty Dolores. xxooxx

  9. Just got back from choir practice, where we are rehearsing a cappella pieces for the Lessons and Carols service. I know you know how happy I was for you when reading this, and how much I value the direct path to spirit given to humans through song.

  10. Ina Bence says:

    Hi Tracy,

    That is how He sould be praised! Remind me to give you a special message ” in person ” from somebody else!

  11. Anton says:

    Some time ago you asked if He was alive, if He cared… Whether He’ alive or not is immaterial. What matter is you. Yes, YOU. You’re making a difference, without songs. You are you, and that goes beyond ‘a religion’. You are beyond that!

  12. Tracy, I LOVE this story! What a great gift. I googled that group to see if I could find a way to listen to their music, but couldn’t find anything. Do you have any ideas on how to find them?

    I celebrate YOU today. God will continue to make Himself real to you, of that I’m sure.


  13. Craig says:

    This is just the most amazing story Tracy. You have incredible people in your life, all part of it, all wanting to touch base with you.

    Jabu, what a magnanimous gift to give Tracy, and an expression of what we all so deeply connect with on our journey through life.

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