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I haven’t written a blog post in a long time, I know.  And I must apologise.

I can give you many reasons why but they will just all seem like excuses.  So, I’m not even going to try.

The purpose I started writing a blog, at first, was to be able to stand up and tell the world what a raw deal life had dealt me – how being paralysed from the neck down is a living hell.

I had an urge to rage about my situation, without feeling guilt for hurting the people I love most in the world or offending all those who do so much for me on a daily basis.

I needed somewhere to convey my sad story by sharing excruciating frustrations, revealing unimaginable physical challenges, stating deep, emotional pain, showing pitiful vulnerability, disclosing some shameful secrets and basically exposing my pathetic life as a quadriplegic.

I wanted a refuge where I could cower and feel sorry for myself away from the pedestal many able-bodied people had put me upon, removing the Miss Inspiration sash and fake smile.

Instead, this blog landed me right in the middle of an unexpected sanctuary as I slowly opened up, bringing on a serene sense of calm to my troubled mind, gently reviving a bruised and battered spirit and providing some profound healing which I didn’t even know that I still needed.

It brought all you special souls from all across the globe into my life, enabling me to feel connected, astonishingly useful and so alive.

Your heartfelt comments encouraged me, providing comfort and solace without you even being aware of it.

This space, then, became a haven where I felt safe enough to continue speaking my truth, baring my soul and expressing my heart.

I can never thank you enough for that, my dear Readers.

Yet, still, I’ve neglected an important part of my life – a vital part of who I am.  It’s no wonder, then, that I’ve been feeling an unfathomable restlessness the past months, like a chunk of my soul is missing.

I know, now, where it is.  It’s here.

I need to write again.  For me.

About Tracy Todd (Brave Lotus Flower)

Author of Brave Lotus Flower Rides the Dragon – an intimate and inspiring memoir of a quadriplegic. Inspirational Speaker. Teacher. Counsellor. Wife. Mother. Animal lover. Although I need a wheelchair to get around, it is most certainly not what defines me.
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22 Responses to Blog Value

  1. souldipper says:

    Tracy, since I don’t know of another route, I’m contacting you here. I wanted to share a link with you. I’m sure you’re aware of Ted Talks about all the scientific marvels happening in our world. This one brought you to mind – though I haven’t a clue if it’s of interest to you:

    I knew this was happening with prostheses, but this is good news indeed.

  2. souldipper says:

    I’ve thought about you many times, Tracy. Welcome back to our global family. I’m glad you have to write…

  3. shamasheikh says:

    You are truly inspirational Tracy…thank you for sharing your thoughts…it helps brings perspective on so many levels…

    God Bless you…

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience on your blog. Just know it’s helped me and I’m sure others more then you know. Please keep blogging.

  5. helen van niekerk says:

    You are amazing tracy, wonderful, beautiful x

  6. Karen Bullen says:

    Welcome back Trace-you have the power to move and inspire people – write when you can for yourself and those (many) of us who look forward to hearing from you. Karen Bullen

  7. Brenda Lombard says:

    So glad that you have started writing again. Keep going!

  8. Moonyeen Price says:

    Yeah!! you are back!! and it is cricket season and SA plays Aus, been thinking of you lately:)

  9. joanne Bernier says:

    Tracy, long time follower first time poster.. your post brought me to tears.. not the first time.. I have to say… I just want to be your friend and buddy.. I think this is so second grade.. but I live in Encintas, Ca.. ( San Diego) and want to know how I can do that.. Seriously . I am not a werido.. Not saying that I want to be a caregiver.. but I would be the besty best.. but want to talk.. jo

  10. So glad to see you, Fox! I knew you were around from your tweets, but I believed you still had longer stories to share. (I would have said more of substance last night, but we had this exciting election-thingie going on, and I was typing under the influence of a little alcohol and lots of adrenaline.) This life, and this world are so much better because you are here.

  11. Bill Watson says:

    Go Girl! Sad to say but I wont be coming back to South Africa. I treasure my memories beyond measure. Meeting you is still vivid. Touching your face had to suffice for the hug I wanted to give and have you feel the gratitude I have for you coming into my life. Thank you. Bill

  12. Ah Tracy, great to see the renewed interest in writing 🙂

  13. Jill Dickie says:

    Yipee ! Love hearing from you.

  14. Kudos Tracy for writing again for you.
    Respect and love,
    🙂 Mandy

  15. Sharon P. says:

    What a wonderful surprise to see this in my inbox. I have missed your wit, sense of humor and humanity.

  16. Anton says:

    How appropriate to read this on an unseasonably cold day. Today has special memories for me of another important woman in my life – my late mother.

    I hope to see many more posts over the next years, and not so far apart!

  17. Wilma says:

    Thanks for sharing with us again, Tracy. I was very moved by your writing. It has touched something inside me which I cannot put into words. Thanks again. Love you. Wilma

  18. Jenn says:

    Please, keep writing. It does my heart good to read what you write. I have read with wonder, awe, occasional tears, unanticipated laughter, and admiration. And most of all, I thank you for sharing.

  19. Michael says:

    Remember Tracey, that fake (plastic) flowers, will always look good and stand proud in the face of any adversity.
    Only REAL blooms will wilt in the heat.
    Be real. Be Tracey. That’s all you’ll ever be. That is who God created you to be. An inspiration; a Motivator; an Encourager …. who is able to cry, wilt and need encouragement, an “astonishingly useful” soul ….

  20. Madeline Jacobs says:

    Hi Tracy. Your blog entry touched me. Thanks for such an honest, from the heart entry and for being my friend.

  21. maletatsi says:

    It is a matter of give and take, of share and receive……. With a closed hand it is impossible to receive. We thank you for sharing your days with us, because of doing so, you give us something to think and smile about when our days as “normal people” aren’t always as bright and shiny as it may seem.
    Keep well, keep smiling.
    And Welcome Back

  22. Terry Preiss says:

    Oh good! Looking forward to reading every single word xxx

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