A Love Story – Mine

I am mobile. It’s not what you think.

Yes, I have a new set of oh-so-sexy wheels. But there’s something else that gets me going.

Or rather, someone else.

I haven’t written about him in a while. So I thought I’d share my sex life relationship status with you.

For the benefit of new readers, I’ve given a brief overview. Please click on the links if you want ALL the details.

I know what it’s like to be broken, not only physically but in spirit too.

As a direct consequence of being paralysed from the neck down in an accident, I ended up divorced and alone. One day I may find the courage to write more about this dark period of my life.

If you are new to my blog and want to know more about my accident, click here.

I spent the next ten years on my own, longing for love but believing, as a quadriplegic, that I wasn’t worthy and that no man would ever find me attractive again.

Then, for some unfathomable reason, a stranger forced his way into my life, breaking down all the walls I’d built firmly around my heart without even realising it. We shared eight months of pure romantic bliss until I abruptly ended it when I discovered that he was married. Schmuck!

The only good to come out of that relationship was a reawakening of my sensuality and the realisation that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life by myself.

I wrote about it in a blog post, Love Enabled. Click here.

With nothing left to lose and inspired by a friend’s fairytale love story, I joined an online dating site. Since I was serious about finding love, I gave full disclosure of my physical state. There is no point in trying to fool anybody, or lying about who and what I am.

Read my blog post, Love Online, to see how I set up my online dating profile. Click here.

Internet dating was unexpectedly an amazing, soul-nourishing experience for me. I met some wonderful men, interacting with them online and in person, some of whom have remained firm friends.

A man from Port Elizabeth offered to run the Comrades Marathon for me after I confessed that had always been a dream of mine, which I would never be able to achieve.

We corresponded with one another via e-mail on a daily basis with the odd Skype session and telephone call in between.

He ran the Comrades Marathon in my honour without even seeing me face to face.

I wrote a blog post about it, of course – Marathon of Life. Click here.

To see the Textual Energy between us on the day, click here.

Some weeks later he travelled over 1500 km to deliver my Comrades medal and meet me in person. We spent four days kissing talking, catching up on each other’s lives.

After meeting him in person, I can confirm that he is a worthy winner of the title, Sexy Legs. He left, taking my heart with him.

I wrote about it in Heart Running Free. Click here.

That was three years ago.

This is his version of the story – How I Lost My Legs – Roy Heine. Click here.

Since then, Sexy Legs has been doing a lot of travelling between Port Elizabeth and Nelspruit.

We’ve managed to see one another for a few days every 6 to 8 weeks.

I have no doubt that his feelings are genuine otherwise he wouldn’t keep coming back.

For the past six months we have been together almost every day as he has had contract work in Nelspruit. The bad news is that the work is due for completion at the end of the month.

It will be difficult to go back to a long-distance relationship again, if he doesn’t manage to find more work here, but we are not dwelling on that. We all know that life is full of surprises and can change in an instant.

We keep faith and remain positive as we live in hope that our luck will change.

For now, we are just revelling in each other and enjoying this precious time together.

I have a happy heart, wrap-around smile, peace in my soul, love in my being and Sexy Legs in my life.

What more could anyone want?


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About Tracy Todd

Although I need a wheelchair to get around, it is most certainly NOT what defines my essence as a woman. I am also a mother, teacher, wannabe writer and an inspirational speaker with a positive outlook on life.
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22 Responses to A Love Story – Mine

  1. schro907 says:

    This is really great, congrats:D I hope all is well and wonderful. I’m glad I read this post as I am new to the land of SCI’s (6 months new…) and still figuring out a lot of things…I was engaged before my injury and now we’re just friends, but you know, I’m really okay with it. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be! It’s great to hear stories of other SCI people finding love:D


  2. Olivia Broderick says:

    Wow – unbelievably amazing!!! May you find happiness and peace in each other! God never abandons his children.   Love Olivia  


  3. How Wonderful to have another opportunity in life to share your every day with. Your treasures and dreams and down days and high days with. There are so many people out there bitterly lonely with no love in sight. This is a God given treasure.

  4. I am so happy to read this Tracy! :) I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together, you deserve it!
    Anything is possible! x

  5. Paula Willatt says:

    Hi Trace, as Roy’s sister it has been such a wonderful thing to follow your love story in his face. We were chatting as a family just this week how much calmer and at peace he is when he’s with you. We also pray that, when all the restraints of family and work are sorted out, you will become a permanent member of our family. We love you so much. Paula

  6. Such a beautiful story and romance and such a happy loved filled photo of you both. :-) Mandy xo

  7. dab29 says:

    that’s great news and wish you all the best he is a very luck man to of found you

  8. Alta smit says:

    You look so unparalysed….. it is true that love let you soar. I hope that things will work out that will allow together forever.

  9. Anton says:

    I believe, just as you, that He will ensure that your happiness and love will last forever!

  10. Helen Methley says:

    Tracy, I love all the positive advice that you and Roy are receiving from all of us who have read and know your story, even if some of us don’t know you personally.

    After following your blogs I feel that I do know you personally and join the well wishers in saying ‘I wish you both all the happiness in the world and just know that it is meant to be’ I am not saying that you were meant to become disabled in body, but then you would not have met Roy and that would have been terrible. This is a very special relationship and is very special and God given.

    With love from
    P.S. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  11. Wilma says:

    Loved your blog, as usual. I am so happy for both of you that Roy was able to work up there for so long and I will be praying that he gets more work over there. You both deserve to be happy. Love.

  12. Wish you both all happiness for the future. You are an inspiration to any “able-bodied” person and you deserve it !

  13. Sharon Lloyd says:

    Tracy so thrilled for you and Sexy Legs. Well Done on completing the Comrades for Tracy and for realizing another one of her dreams. Your wishes to be together, will also become a realization. Time always moves forward and never in a negative form. Positiveness sows Possibilities and through Possibilities comes Happiness, Success and the most treasured Memories. You both deserve nothing less. Thank you for sharing

  14. Dear fox, I know you’ve been cautious, and if you want a relationship to be permanent (as opposed to just “hot”) I think that’s good. Roy’s been doing whatever it takes to accommodate the complex assortment of his own responsibilities and ambitions – and still be yours. Honorable men keep their promises. I’m happy the two of you have worked out a temporary compromise. Love is valuable even at a distance, but it’s best face-to-face. I believe if the relationship continues to deepen, even under current constraints, you might consider marrying again. I want the best for both of you! You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. Diane Liuzzo says:

    Tracy, Yes they should make a movie of this beautiful story. It would show people that anyone with a disability needs love in their life. I’m so happy for the both of you. You will be in my prayers always

  16. Bill Watson says:

    Thanks Tracy, he is one man I truly look forward to meeting in person some day.

  17. Kim says:

    Nearly thirteen years after my husband had a swimming accident that left him a C5 quadriplegic he and I met in an Internet chat room. He was in Germany and I was in the US. After a lot of online time, emails and phone calls I visited him in Germany and six months later moved to be with him. In three weeks we’ll have been married for fourteen years. When two people are right for each other, things will work out.

    I’m happy the the happiness you’ve found!

  18. James says:

    There’s only one thing to do, Tracy. If you are both happy, don’t make it a long distance relationship. Wishing you all the happiness in the world. JD xx

  19. Miemie van Jaarsveld says:

    Awh tracy I am so glad for you if you guys are meant to be together nothing will stop you just keep on believing God will make a way so nice to see you smile again no one are meant to be alone!

  20. Dear Universe. You know what’s wanted and needed here. Please wave the wand of grace and grant this wish. Lots of love, all of us on behalf of Tracy.

  21. Willem says:

    Hi Tracy, you are a true insperation for us “normall body” people. We will keep you in our prayers – Blessings, Willem

  22. NoidSirNoid says:

    I wish you guys everything of the best. We all deserve happiness

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