36 Hours, 20 Writers, 4 Countries, 1 Anthology

I’m very proud that my short story made it into this book.


36 HoursThirty-six hours… Twenty writers… One anthology. On a mid-winter weekend last year, Allaboutwriting enticed a group of writers to a Magaliesberg retreat to write. Their challenge was to write a short story in under two days, from initial inspiration to The End. We spliced in stories by writers who participated online – plus the winners of a competition we ran later in the year.

We’re excited to launch 36 Hours which includes not only all the short stories but also advice on how to write a short story – advice given to our authors at the start of their mid-winter marathon.

To celebrate the publication of 36 Hours we thought we’d give you a taste of each short story – the first lines. We hope they whet your appetite.

You can buy a hard copy of 36 Hours from us at the Indie Book Fair, tomorrow Friday 20 March (we’ll…

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About Tracy Todd

Although I need a wheelchair to get around, it is most certainly NOT what defines my essence as a woman. I am also a mother, teacher, wannabe writer and an inspirational speaker with a positive outlook on life.
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5 Responses to 36 Hours, 20 Writers, 4 Countries, 1 Anthology

  1. Dolores says:

    Good on you darling, so happy for you and I’m sure it’ll make a great story.!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Ahh, now that I see it, I am envious! Well done, Tracy. I have bought it on Kindle. I should have participated!

  3. sakie masilela says:

    hi Tracy

    where can i get the book

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